Bicycle and Scooter rental on Lesvos island.

For the visitors of Mythimna (Molyvos) and the surrounding area, a bicycle or a scooter is a great way for getting around.
Also, a bicycle tour in time, that includes the most important sights and the unique beauty of our island.
An exciting discovery experience of the village, surrounding areas, and secluded beaches, that anybody can enjoy, regardless of age and physical condition!



About us

Born and raised in the unique area of Molyvos, we have always felt the need to share our love and passion for our island and welcome visitors, as if they are our extended family. For people visiting for the first time, or for frequent visitors, Molyvos is always a sight for sore eyes.
What a better way to explore the area, and its hidden secrets, than through renting a bicycle or scooter.
We are very happy to start this new voyage and are hoping you will join us too!

Explore the island at your own pace​

Frequently Asked Questions


From our location it takes about 5 minutes (500 meters) to the center of Molyvos. It takes about 10-20 minutes to go to the beach of Eftalou (3 kilometers). It is about 15-20 minutes (6 kilometers) to the scenic village of Petra and an extra 5 minutes (3 kilometers) to Anaxos.

We will come and fix it for you(only for bicycles), on the spot*, for only 5€. *There are distance limitations

The law requires anyone under 18 years old to wear a helmet at all time while riding a bicycle. We will not force you to wear a helmet if you do not want to, as long as you are over 18 years old. However, wearing a helmet is highly recommended.

We will need your official ID and the card you used to make the online reservation.